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Sep 15 Open Call for Performers/Dancers
For the project: Conjuring the City
Organization: Jersey Art Exchange
When: Saturday, October 13 & 14, 2017 - During weekend of Jersey City Art Studio Tours
Where: Jersey Art Exchange, 114 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City
Deadline to apply: September 20th, 2017
Jacqueline Arias artist and director is looking for performers and dancers with interest in experimentation and stamina for endurance for her upcoming project Conjuring the City
About the project: Jacqueline is a photographer, video artist, and filmmaker born in Costa Rica and raised in Ohio. This varied geographical and cultural history has inspired a body of work that addresses ideas of heritage, race, and socially constructed identities. She studied photography at Parsons School of Design experimenting with video art and performance work. Her performance and video work addresses the invisible social barriers in our society and the feelings of cultural detachment they cause. Jacqueline’s work: Plants / The Imbrication
With Conjuring the City, Jacqueline wants to explore ways of representing the body as it moves through the streets and spaces of Monticello Ave and the Jackson Hill Area. Jacqueline will be experimenting with the visual storytelling possibilities of 360 video.
What we are looking for: Jacqueline is looking for 8 - 10 performers to take part in a improvisational video and live performance. Open minded people, able to improvise, able to perform an endurance piece, able to visualize and project their body in space, that can move from the inside out, attentive to details and can make the invisible movements appear.
Ages: 16+, no gender or dance background restriction. Urban, ballet, modern, musical, mime, physical theatre, actor, model …
Send a short motivation email, with contact info, and a picture. Resume & portfolio/video, if you have one, before September 20th to
The workshop/practice will take place the weekend of September 23rd & September 30th and a run-through will take place the week of October 10th.
No compensation
Sep 1 REMINDER! If you want to create postcards for your JCAST show, make over-runs for distribution at various JCAST locations during the tour! We recommend a quantity of 250. Good luck!
Aug 30 CALL FOR ARTSTIS! Project Greenville is still looking for artists to showcase for JCAST. Call, text or email for more info! (646)361-1858
Please try to make your artist matches by Sunday, August 27. If your space is empty…you need artists! If your concept could use a few artists to round out the story…get in some more artists!
Here’s how…

1. Log into Go to the artist pool and peruse the artists who are swimming in there hoping to be hooked into a venue. (You can sort by media, FYI.)
2. Email the artist (through the site), tell them which piece you are interested in, and give them your VENUE CODE or CONCEPT CODE. This is located on your venue/concept page on the dashboard.
3. The artist must insert the code into the last field on their artwork page and press “SAVE.”
4. This will successfully link to the artwork to your venue/concept and take that artwork out of the pool.
NOTE: If you are hosting special events during the JCAST weekend, e.g. musical performances, art battles, lectures, readings, screenings, etc. PLEASE EMAIL THE TIMES AND DAYS so that we can get this up on the JCAST schedule.

Still looking for a venue? Here are a few options:
• Pound the pavement! There are TONS of restaurants, real estate agencies, empty store fronts, church halls, retailers, the list goes on…out there in JC! Walk in, introduce yourself and smooth-talk them into hanging your art up for JCAST. Let them know that this is a city-wide event put on BY the city…and if they’re not in, they’re going to miss out on the added foot traffic the weekend of the event. You can add them as a venue on your own JCAST profile.
• Get some language in the JCAST overview paragraph below.
• Open your OWN home studio as a venue! Simply log into your JCAST account, click on “venue” and register your own space. Simply insert the venue code into your artwork and whammo, you’re a JCAST VENUE!
• Or check out some of these spaces that are looking for artwork (click on the purple circles for more info):

If you are going to be printing postcards or business cards to promote your business, show, event, etc….print some extra and we can distribute them at the opening night extravaganza and select JCAST information centers around the city. Quantity: ~250. These must be delivered to the Office of Cultural Affairs by Monday, October 2, 2017.

The Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (JCAST) spotlights the City’s diverse and burgeoning artistic community with an exciting weekend event featuring hundreds of artists from every neighborhood across Jersey City, the second largest city in New Jersey. This year marks the 27th annual JCAST, taking place October 14 and 15, 12-6 PM. The kick-off event is taking place Friday, October

Thousands of visitors from the tri-state area tour private studios, galleries, local businesses, public art and pop-up spaces. Artists are provided the opportunity to introduce their work to the community, make connections, and sell their art to the public. Participating venues and business benefit from increased traffic and visibility from people who live in the neighborhood, as well as exposure to residents who live in other parts of the city.

JCAST is part of the City of Jersey City’s commitment to continued arts programming for its citizens under Mayor Steven M. Fulop’s vision for further developing Jersey City as an artistic and cultural center.

We are HERE to help…so hit us with questions or concerns.

All the best. ART ON!
Aug 17 FILTERING BY MEDIUM ADDED TO ARTWORK POOL! As requested in the August 8th City Hall Council Chambers Orientation, all users can now sort the ever-growing artwork pool by Medium type. So, swim through the artwork pool and share your Venue or Concept code with the deep Jersey City talent!
Aug 16 REGISTRATION UPDATE: As long as you are REGISTERED, you can update your artwork and link with venues or concepts (and vice versa) over the next week and a half. Don't stress! Just activate your accounts!
Aug 14 EXCITING NEWS! The registration deadline for #JCAST2017 has been extended to Wednesday, August 16.
Be sure to create your accounts, submit artwork, your venue or curatorial concept ASAP! If you’re connected to a venue or concept, get those venue/concept codes into your art forms. Questions? Email
Aug 11 CALL FOR ARTISTS: Exquisite Corpse Show for #JCAST2017. Make a head, torso or legs in any media...get creative! Contact Tina Maneca at to learn more and participate. Venue location: 163 Newark Avenue (a block from the Grove St. PATH station).
Aug 9 CALL FOR ART: St. Paul's Episcopal Church is looking for artists to participate in the Loving Arms show, which will be on display during #JCAST2017. Curated by Amy Neufeld & Trish Szymanski. Email to learn more. --Whether you love guns or hate them, there is no doubt that the topic takes up prime space in the American conversation. What do you think attracts humans to guns? How has gun violence affected you? Why has America, in particular, adapted to and embraced gun culture so readily when many other nations haven't? We invite artists to take different approaches to explore this topic as it relates to our nation and our city in particular.--
Aug 8 TODAY'S THE DAY! Come one, come all! #JCAST2017 INFORMATION SESSION AND ARTISTS' RECEPTION! Come by City Hall, 6-9 PM, today (8/8). 280 Grove Street, Jersey City, 2nd Floor. Light refreshments will be served.
Aug 2 We're getting social with #JCAST2017! Follow us on Twitter @JCArtStudioTour, Instagram @jcartstudiotour, and Facebook @JerseyCityCulturalAffairs and stay up to date on all of our important updates and news!
Jul 26 Come by City Hall on 8/8, 7-9 PM, for a JCAST orientation and registration information session. Click here to learn more and access the official event invite:
Jul 25 JCAST registration is open till August 14. Once you register as an artist and get your venue or curator code, be sure to add it to your artwork.

Calling All Artists, Venues, and Curators for #JCAST2017!

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